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League of Legends - Mid-Patch 12.16 Update Buffs AP Yuumi Again

Published: 01:01, 26 August 2022
League of Legends fan-art for champion Yuumi
is there a reason Riot are forcing Yuumi to be meta, and why are they doing it?

Yuumi is a champion with such a design, that she is either extremely overpowered or useless in League of Legends. And Riot are always forcing her to be the former.

Ever since Riot Games added Yuumi to League of Legends , the champion has been a thorn in everyone's side. After all, it's a champion that cannot be targeted, that provides healing and attack buffs to her allies.

There were no changes scheduled for this champion in League of Legends patch 12.16 , but it took RIot Games only a day to decide to buff her kit, after the champion had a low win rate.

Matt Leung Harrison tweeted: "We micropatched out a buff to Yuumi to add some power back in a way that is not super focused into E after putting it in a better long term spot. We recognize there's a risk to the return of Artillery Yuumi, but there aren't a lot of great areas to buff."

Riot Games League of Legends - Norra please take Yuumi away League of Legends - We are once again asking Norra to take Yuumi back to Bandle City, and away from Summoner's Rift

The buffs consist of buffing exactly what Riot are afraid of, her default and empowered Q damage while nerfing the cooldown on her ultimate. These buffs will encourage Yuumi to abandon her ADC allies at the first opportunity, and 2v8 a game with any bruiser she can find.

The patch has been out for a single day, and RIot have already buffed Yuumi, knowing it will likely lead to unhealthy gameplay. All it took was for the champion to have a 47% win rate.

On the other hand, Ryze has been sitting at a 45% win rate for months now, and Riot don't seem to have any intention of making balance changes to bring him back into any semblance of usefulness.

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