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League of Legends - List of Dr. Mundo Changes

Published: 22:57, 17 September 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends -  Dr. Mundo
League of Legends - New Rageborn Dr. Mundo

While Dr. Mundo had a rework quite recently, it is not performing to the standard the mains of the champion expected. So he's getting quite a few big adjustments.

Dr. Mundo got a rework in 2021, in season 11 of League of Legends . And Riot Games seem to think they did not do that good of a job on it, after looking at player feedback.

Some time ago, they hinted at the possibility of Dr. Mundo getting his kit adjusted, and now, after all the testing has been done, we have what should be the final changes coming to Dr. Mundo.

  • Passive - Goes Where He Pleases
    • Lose 7% Current Health, gain 8% Max Health --> Lose 3% current Health, gain 4% Max Health
    • Max Health Regen: 0.8%1.6% Max Health per 5 seconds(linear progression) --> 0.5%-2.25% (non-linear progression, equal at around level 11)
  • W - Heart Zapper
    • Always receive half of your Gray health regardless of the enemy hit
  • E - Blunt Force Trauma
    • Bonus AD: 15/20/25/30/35 + 25/30/35/40/45 based on missing health --> 4% max health
    • Removed - Instantly kills small jungle monsters
    • Monster Damage: 200% --> 250%
  • R - Maximum Dosage
    • Removed - Bonus AD
    • Missing health as Max Health: 8%/11.5%/15% --> 15%/20%/25%

Riot Games League of Legends champion - Rageborn Mundo splash art League of Legends - Should be reminiscent of the old Dr. Mundo more

For those of you worried that the changes to Mundo's W, which were what the community asked for, are not enough to offset the loss of bonus AD on his ultimate, don't fret.

The change to his E means that ou will gain more than enough bonus AD in return when casting your ultimate. All you have to do is know when to cast it, that is.

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