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League of Legends: List of all Milio's Q interactions with other champions

Published: 14:37, 27 March 2023
Riot Games
Here is a list of crowd control abilities from various champions that Milio's Q can interrupt
Here is a list of crowd control abilities from various champions that Milio's Q can interrupt

When playing as Milio in the game, his soothing fire can be used to damage and slow down his opponents while healing and enhancing his teammates.

One of Milio's unique abilities  is his passive, Fired Up!, which allows him to enchant his ally's abilities. This makes Milio a valuable asset to his team as he can boost his allies' powers and help them deal more damage to their enemies. 

Milio's ultimate ability,  Breath of Life, is an area-of-effect healing ability that can also cleanse allies within its range of crowd control abilities. This means that Milio's teammates can be protected from enemy attacks and stay in the fight for longer. 

Additionally, Milio's E ability, Warm Hugs, provides shields and movement speed to his allies, while his W ability, Cozy Campfire, gives healing and attack range boosts. This makes him one of the best League of Legends supports.

List of champions that Milio's Q can interrupt:

Milio's Q ability, Ultra Mega Fire Kick, is a powerful move that can effectively interrupt several enemy abilities. It is especially useful for canceling abilities that require channeling, as well as for interrupting dashes and crowd control abilities. 

Here are some notable examples of what Milio's Q can interrupt: 

  • Amumu: Q – Bandage Toss
  • Alistar: W – Headbutt
  • Camille: E – Hookshot
  • Jarvan IV: Q – Dragon Strike
  • Leona: E – Zenith Blade
  • Lee Sin: Q – Sonic Wave
  • Nautilus: Q – Dredge Line
  • Pantheon: W – Shield Vault
  • Rakan: W – Grand Entrance
  • Rell: W – Ferromancy: Crash Down  

Riot Games League of Legends Milio League of Legends Milio is currently one of the most powerful supports!

Finally, Milio's Q ability, Ultra Mega Fire Kick, can stun enemies and also has some unique interactions. It can cancel dashes and certain crowd control abilities, making it an excellent tool for disrupting the opponent's plans and gaining the upper hand in battle. 

Overall, Milio's abilities make him a versatile and valuable champion to have on your team in the game.



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