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Project Pyke spearheads the new cyberpunk League of Legends skins

Published: 10:13, 16 July 2019
Riot Games
Picture of Project Pyke, Irelia, Jinx and Akali
League of Legends - Project skins

Riot Games recently started teasing more Project skins for League of Legends, eventually resulting in a trailer that showed abilities, animations and other effects for the five champions that will get them. Pyke will get a legendary skin.

League of Legends is about to drop another batch of popular skins. The skins were revealed on 15 July 2019, two days before patch 9.14 would roll out, which means we will likely have to wait until 9.15 to get on the new Project cosmetics.

Thankfully, it seems like Riot will go back to the two-week cycle for that update so the wait will not be extended, which was the case with 9.14 and Teamfight Tactics' ranked mode.

Anyway, the recipients of the new skins will be Pyke, Akali, Irelia, Jinx and Warwick. Most of them were revealed in the Outsiders cinematic teaser but Warwick was later seen in the preview above as well as a few screenshots that found their way out of PBE.

Pyke is heavily featured in the cinematic trailer, hinting that his skin will be a legendary one which means a full new voiceover along with visual and sound effects, animations and recall. The other skins will probably fall into the Epic category like the rest of Project skins that are not legendary. Project Irelia will have a Prestige edition.

Outsiders trailer description hinted these five are a band of cybernetically modified creatures that returned to The City (dystopian future vision of Piltover and Zaun) for revenge against the PROJECT Corporation. Therefore, it's possible we will either get a new game mode for the planned event or get another round of Overcharge which was already available previously.

It remains to be seen how much attention and resources Riot will be able to devote to this event though since their recently launched Teamfight Tactics is really killing it with attention and is set to get the ranked mode rather soon.

League of Legends - showcase of several champion splash arts

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