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Lol eSports - Aatrox Was Present at Every Worlds 2022 Match

Published: 08:55, 21 October 2022
Updated: 09:10, 21 October 2022
Riot Games
Aatrox is looking cool in his new splash art following the champion rework
League of Legends - Once Aatrox stops hitting abilities and still wins, there is a problem

Champion presence at matches of World Championships in League of Legends is calculated not only by champion picks, but champion bans as well. And Aatrox is the top dog this year.

Recently we've mentioned the time when Quick Gameplay Thoughts is Riot Games ' way of interacting with their player base more closely, by explaining their reasoning behind the implementation of certain things in League of Legends .

It was one of the causes of why Yuumi won every Worlds game she was picked in.

However, aside from the hateful cat and her infuriating book, another champion is this year's World Championship menace, and that is Aatrox.

Since the start of the World Championship, Aatrox has had a 100% match presence. This means that he has been either picked or banned in every match of the World Championship.

The last time this happened, was when the Kayle rework had only just been released, and picking her meant that, at level 16, your game is won.

Riot Games League of Legends - Victorious Aatrox League of Legends - Could it be because Aatrox sells a lot of skins?

The question this poses is, what does this mean for the League of Legends meta? After all, if one champion is capable of dominating pro play to such an extent, why are Riot Games allowing it to happen, seeing as they curb that sort of overpowered issues immediately?

After all, Ryze has been crippled in SoloQ for a year now, due to his dominance in pro play, and yet Aatrox is not threatened at all. It seems that Riot Games do play favorites, after all.

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