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League of Legends: Diana's rework to fix her pre-6 issues

Published: 18:07, 29 November 2019
Riot Games
League of Legends - Diana
League of Legends - Diana

League of Legends' update 9.24 will bring about Aphelios, the Swiss Army Knife of marksmen and he's grabbing all the spotlight. Meanwhile, Diana's rework is creeping up on everyone like moonlight shadow.

All eyes are on Aphelios as he stands to be one of the most complicated marksmen in League of Legends, at least in the character knowledge department. However, another major spotlight should be on Diana, who will undergo an ability rework in the same patch.

Namely, her laning before level six will no longer be passive against ranged carries since she will now be able to jump on them without using her ulti. Let's start the rework breakdown from scratch though.

Diana's passive, Moonsilver Blade, will no longer depend on Moonfall's rank and the passive's attack speed will now scale with levels instead. She will now always have bonus attack speed from the passive and it will only get amplified by spell usage but the cleave will no longer return mana.

The Q and W abilities remain unchanged so that part of her gameplay will remain familiar. Diana's curved skill shot and blow-'em-up shield will remain her bread and butter.

Lunar Rush and Moonfall swapped their places though. Lunar Rush is now the E ability, while Moonfall is R. As such, Diana will have her mobility even before level six and the mechanics will remain the same, including the cooldown refresh on hitting an enemy marked by Q. Lunar Rush is set to deal low damage and primarily serve as means of transporting her across the battlefield.

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League of Legends

Moonfall, the new ultimate, will retain the previous areal pull and slow but will have a burst of AoE damage attached to it, with one-second delay, similar to that of Kayle's ultimate. The key difference is that Diana doesn't get restricted from attacking and casting immediately after using the ability.

Patch 9.24 will certainly bear the mark of the Lunari as Diana and Aphelios will most likely become highly contested champions.

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