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League of Legends developer Riot Games changes the official logo

Published: 12:26, 18 April 2019
Riot Games
Picture of Riot Games' new logo
Riot Games' new logo

Riot Games, the creators of the massively popular MOBA League of Legends, have decided to change their logo after more than a decade of wearing the old one. The change to the simpler, less menacing one did not sit well with everyone though.

Riot Games kept their familiar old logo with the letters written in a mangled red font and a fist bump above it for about 13 years, since the studio's inception back in 2006. It was later used in the intro for Riot Games' content, shown in the video above, where the fist would punch the glass breaking it, that proved to be just as iconic.

On 16 April 2019, the studio released a on their website, explaining the reasoning behind the change as a necessary one due to advances in technological features.

One could ask how technological progress could actually lead to a simpler logo, but it appears that Riot Games are following the trend of other companies "flattening" their logos in order to be more presentable on smaller screens, such as the ones on smartphones and tablets.

Other companies, such as Netflix, Google and Twitter also used to have intricate logos with shaders and different shapes but the trend of flat logos seems to be unapologetic in its worldwide conquest.

Another interesting detail about Riot's new logo is the colour scheme which now features just two different colours - a pale red background and white letters with the fists, as opposed to the old colour scheme with bright red, white and black.

This simplification should make life easier on Riot when it comes to using the logo in animations, forums and smaller screens but may face some backlash from fans. Tyler1, the popular streamer falls into the later group and you can see his VoD but viewer discretion is advised.

Riot Games Picture of Riot Games logo on a black background Riot Games

When it comes to the bottom line though, there are fans who don't like it, a few who like and a vast majority that don't care but just want Guinsoo's Rageblade Vayne to be fixed. Please don't nerf her into dumpster tier again though.

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