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League of Legends - Bot Lane Experience Gain Won't be Nerfed After All

Published: 01:12, 16 November 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Ashe ADC still has a good pick rate
League of Legends - Ashe ADC still has a good pick rate

Experience gain in League of Legends is an often overlooked, at least in the low elo, way of gaining power in the game. Bot lane is the one that suffers the most from this, and luckily, they are not getting nerfed.

It's no wonder that Riot Games have a love/ hate relationship with the League of Legends top lane. After all, the items they tend to give these champions can get quite overpowered, while they also nerf the lane into the ground every so often.

In preseason 2023, Riot are, instead of making balance changes as promised , nerfing the other two lanes, while buffing the top lane with experience and items.

One additional point of contention, however, was experience gain, which was getting buffed during the preseason, for solo laners, while nerfed for the bot lane.

Patch 12.22 has now confirmed that the bot lane experience gain will not be directly nerfed during the preseason 2023.

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Seeing that every season has problems with game length decreasing, increasing how much time it takes for the bot lane to scale to lat game, where they are at their strongest, seems counter intuitive.

Especially when solo lanes are getting more experience gain, and mid laners are incentivized to roam as much as possible, due to lower gold generation on the mid lane, which would turn bot lane into feeding grounds for solo laners, while depriving them of any agency tied to a non-existing late game.

Luckily, this won't come to pass, and bot lane won't be made irrelevant, all that much, during the preseason. If only they reversed some jungle changes as well.


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