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League of Legends: All champions that are coming in 2023

Published: 21:09, 12 May 2023
Riot Games
Naafiri is the next League of Legends champion!
Naafiri is the next League of Legends champion!

Riot Games appears to still be in the early stages of champion development, and fans may have to wait a few more months before any additional details are shared.

League of Legends players has seen only one new champion release so far, Milio, an enchanter support known for its ability to prevent opponents from engaging and heal its ally. While Riot has several champions in development, their release dates remain unknown. 

Riot has also stated its intention to decrease its champion release frequency starting in 2024. Typically, four champions are introduced per season. Consequently, it is worth exploring what we know about the upcoming champions expected to debut in Season 13.

Riot Games has revealed that the next champion to join the League of Legends roster in 2023 will be Naafiri , an assassin champion who is rumored to be a pack of hounds. Riot has dropped several hints that suggest a connection between Naafiri and dogs or wolves. For instance, Riot's language has referenced dog-related terms such as "throwing a bone."  

Riot Games has dubbed the upcoming jungler champion as the "Hangry Jungler," known as Briar. The champion is expected to be a vampire based on the limited information available, including splash art reveals and thematic hints. 

Riot has also hinted that Briar has been confined or restrained in some manner, and her insatiable thirst for blood cannot be suppressed indefinitely.

Riot Games The Ink Mage is a champion that loves art, and is coming from Ionia! The Ink Mage is a champion that loves art, and is coming from Ionia!

 The Ink Mage

The Ink Mage, also known as the Artist, is another upcoming champion from Ionia who is passionate about art. While Riot Games has provided limited details about this champion, the latest lore preview describes the Artist as a tormented and conflicted soul.

The preview also hints at highly intricate executions, suggesting that the champion may have a deep and complex skill set that incorporates art as a central theme. This is an ambitious concept from Riot, and fans are eagerly anticipating its release.


First look at the new Lunar skinline in League of Legends 2023

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