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League of Legends: New champion details - Briar

Published: 20:35, 11 May 2023
Riot Games
Briar is the new League of Legends upcoming champion, speculated to be a vampire!
Briar is the new League of Legends upcoming champion, speculated to be a vampire!

Earlier this year, Milio was introduced as the first champion of 2023. After Milio, next in line is a monster champion called Naafiri, but little else is currently known about this upcoming champion.

The latest Champion Roadmap for League of Legends teased a forthcoming addition to the game's roster, in the form of a ravenous jungler named Briar. The teaser image depicted a gloomy, Gothic castle of Noxian design, hinting at the character's origins. 

Briar is said to be introduced following the release of Naafiri, a Darkin assassin.  The character's hunger and aggressive nature will likely make her a formidable opponent on the battlefield.

Following Milio's debut,  the next addition to the League of Legends roster is Naafiri, a Darkin assassin with a monstrous appearance resembling that of a canine, such as a wolf or dog. Riot Games hinted at the possibility of Naafiri having multiple bodies or being able to control a pack of wolves during gameplay. Naafiri will mark the first monster champion to be added to the game this year.

Briar - the Vampire

The upcoming savage jungler, Briar, may have been inspired by the development of Naafiri, who also had a theme of intense hunger. Although the mechanism didn't make the cut for Naafiri, Riot Games' head champion designer, August, noticed its potential and decided to incorporate it into Briar's gameplay. 

August, who reportedly has a fascination with a certain legendary creature, found that the hunger mechanic worked seamlessly with the new champion.  

Riot Games Briar's Castle Briar's Castle

Riot Games has classified Briar as a Diver/Skirmisher champion, with numerous references to bloodlust, frenzies, and an insatiable appetite. 

Her lore suggests that she may be a semi-feral vampire lurking in Noxus. Briar's gameplay seems to revolve around a new mechanic involving a loss of control and frenzied states, which was originally intended for Naafiri. 

Riot's head champion designer, August, was involved in implementing this mechanic into Briar's gameplay. The champion even refers to herself as "the beast," implying that she will be a vampiric skirmisher capable of high-impact plays.



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