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Landlord's Super has moved into Steam Early Access

Published: 10:01, 30 April 2020
Yogscast Games
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Landlord's Super

Landlord’s Super is now part of Steam Early Access. The building simulator offers the players a chance to live the glamorous life of a 1980's construction worker.

MinskWorks and Yogscast Games' construction simulator game - Landlord’s Super - is now available on Steam Early Access .

Landlord's Super is an open-world title set in 1980's Britain. It will see its players take out a dodgy loan and put it towards restoring a run-down property. Then, it's just a matter of moving in the locals, tending to their grievances and celebrating a job well done with a pint. 

Build stuff, get drunk, build stuff while getting drunk. The world's your oyster.

While in the process of restoring a property, the players will get a chance to mix cement, assemble scaffolding, order supplies and rebuild a home brick-by-brick and nail-by-nail. Life of a construction worker isn't always peaches and cream so you'll sometimes have to scramble for money and materials.

And of course, when all else fails, there's always the pub. 

The players will need to plan their days around the game's living world and this includes factoring in the time of day, major events, seasonal weather and your own wellbeing. 

Landlord’s Super is available now on Steam Early Access for £15.49 ($19.99, €16.79). 

Landlord’s Super already offers a dynamic open world, construction and crafting gameplay, Jobcentre, rag-and-bone man, seasons and dynamic weather, boozing and bodily functions, and a warm welcome at The Anchor pub.

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