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Konami apologise for horrid eFootball launch: "We strive to improve the situation"

Published: 14:29, 01 October 2021
Updated: 14:31, 01 October 2021
eFootball launched to overwhelmingly negative reception
eFootball launched to overwhelmingly negative reception

Konami have apologised to PES fans for the disastrous eFootball 2022 release. They say that the devs will continuously work on improving the football experience.

Konami have released a n official statement regarding the launch of eFootball 2022 which disappointed many PES fans. 

The publisher openly apologised for all the issues that have been reported over the last couple of days and said they are keen to improve the game with post-launch patches and content. 

Here is Konami's statement:

"After the release of eFootball 2022, we have received lots of feedback and requests regarding game balance that includes pass speed and defence operation. We would also like to acknowledge that there have been reports of problems users have experienced with cutscenes, facial expressions, movement of players and the behaviour of the ball.

We are very sorry for the problems and want to assure everyone we will take all concerns seriously and strive to improve the current situation.

This work will be continuously updated, quality will be improved and content will be added consistently. From next week onward, we will prepare for an update in October."

Konami eFootball 2022 eFootball 2022

At the time of writing, eFootball 2022 is still the worst game of all time on Steam in terms of user reviews with just eight per cent positive reviews.

It's safe to say that Konami really messed up and did not deliver the groundbreaking PES game, which they promised to fans. Hopefully, though, they manage to improve the experience with updates but that needs to happen sooner rather than later as many could jump to FIFA 22, which seems like one of the best FIFA games in recent years. 

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