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Kingdom Rush Vengeance release date announced for iOS and Android

Published: 23:33, 05 November 2018
Ironhide Game Studio
Logo for Kingdom Rush Vengeance by Ironhide Game Studio
Kingdom Rush Vengeance

Ironhide Game Studio have announced that their acclaimed tower defence franchise will make a comeback on 22 November 2018 when Kingdom Rush Vengeance lands on iOS and Android. The former will be a paid app, while Android may just have IAP.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance will set players to fight their former allies apparently, as they embark on fights against them as well as new armies. This is one of the rare games these days where the player is not actually the head honcho. They will actually do the bidding of the "greatest dark wizard of them all" which is an unflattering moniker that doesn't get much more cliche than that.

This shouldn't be attributed to lazy writing though, it just happens that the game doesn't treat itself too seriously so players might run into several other goofy titles or situations during your conquest. The greatest dark wizard himself is actually named Vez'nan and players will be leading his army that will apparently run into quite a few challenges along the way.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance will be true to its name as the game will send the player to conquer "the new, and the good old realms" and to face several "might enemies" and "supreme bosses". Ironhide are not shying away from the zany nature of their game, since they tout it as a "classic tower defence full of humour and epicness".

The game will feature 16 towers with unique abilities and special powers and the same number of stages across three distinct lands. Tower arsenal will be changeable so players can get the optimal loadout, while combining them with the might of nine heroes they will have at their disposal.

Ironhide Game Studio Screenshot of Kingdom Rush Vengeance near a fountain Kingdom Rush Vengeance

There will be over 35 enemy variations that will challenge the players' tactical prowess, as they attempt to kill the three kings ruling the aforementioned lands. The feature that caught our attention the most is the fact that the game will be playable offline, so if a player is getting annoyed with the inevitable ads, they can just go offline and avoid them altogether.

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