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Jagged Alliance release date surprise announcement, cheaper on PC

Published: 21:36, 15 August 2018
Picture of some soldiers in Jagged Alliance Rage in some village
Jagged Alliance: Rage

THQ Nordic and their subsidiary, HandyGames, have announced a new entry in Jagged Alliance series, with the suffix titled Rage. Players will take charge of their literally old mercenaries who may be a bit cranky. I guess it comes with age.

This will be the first game published by HandyGames since the company was acquired by THQ Nordic. They will work as an independent publisher, focused on small to mid sized projects and third party indie titles. Jagged Alliance: Rage!'s pricing testifies to that focus, as the game's pricing will be about a half of what a AAA title would cost.

The game will cost $19,99 / €19,99 / ~£18 on PC, while console players will need to shell out a bit more - $29,99 / €29,99 / ~£27 . Jagged Alliance: Rage! is being developed by Cliffhanger Productions and will be released at some point during Autumn 2018.

Rage in the title refers to unique abilities each character will posses in the game, hinting at more of a class based approach than usual. These rage abilities will apparently get stronger the more the mercenary fights during a mission. According to the official description of the game, the mercenaries will be the same ones used in previous games, just about 20 years older so a wild guess is one of the rage abilities might be to throw dentures at the enemy.

Further testifying to class based combat system are some "powerful commanders" that lead enemy troops that our pensioners will get to fight, as well as the mention of said pensioners having unique personalities, skills, conflicts and desires. It looks like a somewhat proactive approach to improving the series since the in Jagged Alliance series absolutely bombed, no explosions involved.

HandyGames Picture of some soldier in Jagged Alliance Rage on a scaffolding Jagged Alliance: Rage

Some of those long time players still remember Jagged Alliance: Flashback and are therefore wary of another potential disaster, while others are simply stating Rage! can't be as bad. We will see soon enough though, as Autumn is just around the corner.

Screenshots from Jagged Alliance: Rage! before release

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Jagged Alliance: Rage

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