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THQ Nordic postpone Jagged Alliance: Rage! by two months

Published: 21:34, 27 September 2018
THQ Nordic
Picture of the key art for Jagged Alliance: Rage!
Jagged Alliance: Rage!

THQ Nordic have announced that Jagged Alliance: Rage had to be postponed until 06 December 2018 but didn't specify any reason why. Based on the official sources, it is either due to the developers needing more time or Holiday Season.

THQ Nordic's announcement was rather untimely as it came just one day ahead of Jagged Alliance: Rage's supposed release on 27 September 2018. Some fans were disgruntled but others were content with having the delay if it meant delivering a polished game.

The closest to a reason for the delay can only be estimated from the official Twitter where THQ Nordic mentioned Saint Nick, hinting at the team's wish to have the game be fresh during the Holiday Season.

Naturally, the real reason for the delay could be that Cliffhanger Productions needed a bit more time to polish the game and properly deliver a final product, as this is the most common reason video games get delayed in general.

Not all news are grim though, as Handy Games dropped a new gameplay trailer for the potential players to sample along with the announcement of release date delay. The trailer showcases four operators who are quite old now, considering the game takes place 20 years after the first Jagged Alliance.

For some, still unexplained, reason the developers went with a cartoonish art style which is quite in contrast of the grimdark setting they are trying to place Jagged Alliance: Rage in. The operators are said to be cranky, old and worn by all the years in combat. The game will supposedly feature violence and gore as well as "general mature content", according to the official Steam page description.

HandyGames Picture of some soldiers in Jagged Alliance Rage near a tent Jagged Alliance: Rage

Whatever it is, let's hope it doesn't involve naked elderly people and more importantly - that the game will actually have something cohesive in it, as the trailers so far didn't really offer a gritty feeling. Maybe our operators will eventually break a hip or two and we will be forced to watch their agony. Hopefully not. 

Screenshots from Jagged Alliance: Rage! before release

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Jagged Alliance: Rage

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