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Islands of Nyne development ceased, game is now free to play

Published: 10:30, 20 December 2018
Updated: 10:31, 20 December 2018
Define Human Studios
Player is reloading his Beretta 92 on top of someone's corpse
Islands of Nyne

Islands of Nyne is one of the battle royale games that sought to achieve greatness during the genre's prime, but has apparently failed to do so. Define Human have announced it will no longer be supported, but will be free to play.

Battle royale craze kicked off with PUBG, then reached its peak with Fortnite as it took the gaming world in a quick sweep. Many developers tried to hop in and profit on it, but the rates of success varied, with most of them falling into oblivion. Now it seems Islands of Nyne will be one of those games as Define Human have announced they are stopping active development on the game.

Not everything is entirely gloomy though - those who purchased any microtransactions from 29 November 2018 on, will be entitled to full refunds. Time played will play no part in these refunds as Define Human told Valve to approve any refunds, even if they were requested by players who spent more than two hours in Islands of Nyne.

Those who simply want to play the game a bit longer will be able to do so, possibly even more than before. Islands of Nyne has already switched to free to play which may or may not draw some new players in. The concurrent player jump doesn't necessarily have to be a huge one, but having enough players to start a game would be terrific.

The developers in their Steam Community post that they are no longer able to financially support the development. Therefore, the game's servers will remain open for the foreseeable future, but there is only one update left that will happen, after which any support for the game will no longer be available. 

Define Human Studios Image of Islands of Nyne combatants in the alien arena Islands of Nyne

Battle royale may still be a popular genre, but the number of games that are trying to enter the market and fail is growing steadily. This was the case with Radical Heights, now with Islands of Nyne and in the future probably with Fear the Wolves. Battle royale may not be that interesting to the players anymore.


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