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Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale coming to Steam Early Acess soon

Published: 15:29, 06 July 2018
Define Human Studios
Image of Islands of Nyne combatants in the alien arena
Islands of Nyne

Define Human Studios were proud recipients of Unreal's Underdog nomination during E3 2018 with their Islands of Nyne Battle Royale. The game is coming to Steam Early Access on 12 July 2018 and will feature many new additions and fixes.

This announcement from Define Human Studios came with a gameplay trailer in tow, embedded above, even though players who are interested can already see many gameplay videos including those with Shroud and Dr DisRespect. There will be three editions of the game apparently. Bronze edition will cost $29.99, Silver edition will stand at $39.99 and Gold edition will be available at $49.99.

Different editions will not feature any pay to win options as the only difference in the pricier ones will be the amount of loot boxes players will get at the start, as well as the number of skins for weapons. Interested players will, however, have to wait for the 12 July launch date in order to get into the game as the official store lists "Sold Out" for all three editions.

Islands of Nine will be a battle royale featuring weapons made by puny Earthlings with a dash of alien master race technology. That's why you will notice some oddly glowing features on otherwise familiar weapons. So yes, the game has some lore behind it, although it doesn't seem to be that well developed at the moment.

According to the official description, Earth had been invaded and shattered by aliens called Nyne, who seem to generally enjoy being the ultimate bullies as they now force humans to fight each other to death on parts of their shattered planet. These parts are the titular Islands of Nyne, but players will know them as different maps in the game.

Define Human Studios Player is reloading his Beretta 92 on top of someone's corpse Islands of Nyne

There is more room for lore to develop here, as single player or co-op modes are no longer strangers for multiplayer centric games. For example, Ubisoft demonstrated this with the Outbreak event in Rainbow Six Siege, so Islands of Nyne might explore their possibilities in PvE environments.

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