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Islands of Nyne battle royale might be coming back

Published: 13:49, 18 April 2022
Define Human Studios
Islands Of Nyne: Battle Royale
Islands Of Nyne: Battle Royale

One of the ill-fated battle royale games might be coming back in the near future as one of the developers announced an attempt to revive the Islands of Nyne.

Islands of Nyne was one drop in the river of failed battle royale games when the genre hype had just about everyone chasing the possibility of becoming the next PUBG or Fortnite. The team behind IoN ceased development and made it a free-to-play game in late 2018.

Fast forward to the present, three and a half years after the announcement, and it looks like there is some interest in reviving the title. This was announced by a member of the dev team who will try to get it running again .

The dev also noted there are no promises at the moment but Zenity and two others apparently have a plan and will try to get a single server up and running along with matchmaking as well as update the Steam build so it doesn't use GameSparks any longer. That last bit means players will not have persistent stats and tracking them will be impossible.

In the end, Zenity noted this is not a trivial task and it will take some time but the team is set on making it happen so we might be seeing a limited revival at some point in the future.

Define Human Studios Player is reloading his Beretta 92 on top of someone's corpse Islands of Nyne

Fan response ranged from being enthusiastic about the return of the game to pondering whether the genre can be changed to anything but BR, which would let Islands of Nyne stand out from competitors.

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