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Invasion defence in New World is counter productive, as intended apparently

Published: 15:48, 27 October 2021
Updated: 18:35, 27 October 2021
New World
New World

One would think that defending your town against baddies would be a good thing but it appears it's better to just bail in New World and this is supposedly not a bug.

Update: An actual dev joined the thread and cleared up the misconceptions

Invasions in  New World can be pretty annoying as they degrade the crafting station level when a guild fails to complete all the waves, affecting literally everyone who was relying on them. To rebuild what was lost, the ruling company has to run town projects and lose a bunch of money so it's safe to say players thus far have given their best to defend their towns. As it appears, they shouldn't have.

Players discovered that in the case of losing against an invasion, the company's town would get damaged more the further they got into invasion defence. For example, fewer stations would get downgraded if you lost at the first wave than on the seventh. This counters any possible logic because one would think that a better defence would result in less damage to the town.

Anyway, the players who discovered this issue asked Amazon about the weird mechanics. The response was quite baffling.


This is Fabian from Amazon Games.

When participating in an Invasion, the further players get and the more waves are beaten, the more crafting/refining stations get downgraded if the players fail to beat the Invasion, this is an intended feature."

According to this response, Amazon Game Studios actually intended for invasions to work that way. The situation was so bizarre that some players are wondering whether this was a bot response as you can hardly call such backwards logic a "feature".

Anyway, as it stands, if you don't manage to get 50 people with high-quality gear together, you are better off not trying to defend your town at all.

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