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Interview - Naraka: Bladepoint developers 24 Entertainment

Published: 13:24, 12 March 2020
Updated: 14:25, 12 March 2020
24 Entertainment
Naraka: Bladepoint artwork showing sword combat
Naraka: Bladepoint

Naraka: Bladepoint is an online action game with a unique block/parry system, coming to PC later this year. We caught up with the game's Producer Ray Kuan to talk about various aspects of Naraka, including its characters, combat, customisation and monetisation plans.

What is the most unique and exciting feature that Naraka: Bladepoint offers?

Thanks to its unchained capabilities, Naraka: Bladepoint brings about action-filled gameplay with endless possibilities. Players may also traverse the map at high speed, and wield a plethora of weapons and skills.

How many playable characters will be available on launch?

Our plan is to start early-access testing once we have four fully fleshed-out characters, but there will, of course, be more by the time we launch. We will also be posting more up-to-date information regarding character developments on our Twitter.

What are some of the main differences between these characters? For example, will there be character-exclusive weapons or other items?

All we can say at the moment is that each character will have their own skill set. Each characters' active and/or passive skills make them unique; some can heal, while others may excel at assassinations, for example.

In the end, Naraka is more of an action than a MOBA game, so we will ensure that each character has a winning chance, if played well. There will be no restrictions on the types of weapons usable by each character.

24 Entertainment Naraka: Bladepoint screenshot showing a warrior in forest Naraka: Bladepoint

What level of character customization will Naraka: Bladepoint offer?

Players will be able to change the looks, accessories and gestures of their characters. We have a lot in store in terms of character customization that will outstrip most people's expectations for arena-style games.

Apart from being able to pick up weapons and equipment you find, we are also implementing rogue-like elements. This means that each match will provide a new and fresh experience.

How big is the multiplayer? On Steam, the game is listed under MMO category while the trailers only show 1v1 battles. Can we expect to see large scale battles in Naraka?

We'll continue testing to find the golden ratio for this, but I can tell you that we’re quite ambitious.

In the official reveal, we got to see one map. Can we expect to see more maps being added later on?

Yes, there will be more maps.

24 Entertainment Naraka: Bladepoint screenshot showing red trees and japanese buildings Naraka: Bladepoint

Will there be a story or other types of content for solo players?

While we have no plans to create any PvE content, we will continue to create a variety of game modes that play on the advantages of our combat system. And if the game sells well enough we will consider creating a solo game based on that same combat system.

You have mentioned that the combat features a unique block/parry system.  Tell us a bit more about this and combat overall.

Creating Naraka called for a system where characters' weapons clash together in a way that's fundamentally different to what we’ve seen in other games. Our goal was to reduce the amount of stagger when hit, which is why we added a 'weapon clash' system, making combat more accessible to beginners; completely eliminating the frustration of doing nothing while losing; the lack of control often associated with stagger systems. We’ll be delving into the combat specifics closer to launch.

Can we expect an in-game store with microtransactions or a battle pass?

We plan to introduce a battle pass with plenty of cosmetic rewards that won't affect the game's balance. Some characters will be available for free, while others can be unlocked with in-game currencies or by spending money.

Any plans for the next-gen consoles release?

We do have plans to bring the game to other platforms, but at the moment, we are focusing solely on PC.

A massive thank you to Naraka: Bladepoint's Producer Ray Kuan for his time.

Naraka: Bladepoint is currently in development for PC and it will release sometime later this year.

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