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Iceberg Interactive have released Antigraviator launch trailer

Published: 17:35, 17 May 2018
Cybernetic Walrus
Futuristic vehicle is speeding in the upcoming game Antigravitator

Iceberg Interactive and Cybernetic Walrus have released a launch trailer for their upcoming futuristic racing game Atigraviator. They have also confirmed the release date for PC Windows platform will be on Wednesday, 06 June 2018.

Antigraviator is set in 2210, after the humankind had discovered ways to defy gravity and terraform planets. This in turn pushed racing to evolve "fare beyond its expected limits", which led to mind-blurring speeds as you can see in the trailer above. This art style also makes the game look a lot like TrackMania series, but with futuristic, hovering vehicles called Gravs.

As Antigraviator's lore goes, these super-speed races have become a major spectacle, and where is spectacle, there is money to be made. That probably explains the massive tracks set across different planets and even in space.

Developers have apparently dedicated a lot of attention to maps as they describe them as "exquisitely detailed" and "full of light-speed danger, chaos and mayhem". There will be three gameplay modes in Antigraviator, set across four different worlds, with each world being a host to three tracks.

One feature that fills my heart with joy is that the game will support local gameplay, with split screen and it can be done with up to four players. You will need a massive display though. The game also has full controller support so you will not have to share keyboard with your local multiplayer buddies like back in the day.

There will also be power ups and weapons that can be picked up during the race if you feel like literally wrecking your opposition. The game will feature customisation, and new Gravs, parts and cosmetics will be unlocked through singleplayer campaign. If you're more on the competitive side, you will be able to challenge and subsequently race players in order to gain or lose ranking on leaderboards.

Cybernetic Walrus Two Gravs are racing on a high speed track in Antigraviator Antigraviator

The game looks beautiful and sounds like a lot of fun but it remains to be seen how well it will sell, as the , with less than a month left before release.

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