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Antigraviator races onto Xbox One today

Published: 13:00, 01 May 2020
Cybernetic Walrus
Antigraviator trailer screenshot

Antigraviator will become available for Xbox One later today. The release will include all content from the Viper Trails DLC. The players will be able to control their Grav in five game modes on six different worlds, each with three tracks.

Antigraviator is a high-speed futuristic racing game which will be crossing the finish line that is Xbox One later today - announced Iceberg Interactive. The release will include all content from the Viper Trails DLC and have a price tag which reads $19.99.

Antigraviator will bring along some beautiful tracks. The gorgeous tracks are full of danger though - isn't this always the case - and the threats will be coming at you at the speed of the mighty photon. These conditions, understandably, offer the perfect breeding ground for anarchy and destruction.

The players will be able to control their Gravs across five game modes spread across six different worlds, each boasting three tracks. A racing game is always made more fun when you can beat your friends to the finish line and Antigraviator will let you do this in competitive multiplayer modes, online or on a split-screen. 

Sabotage opportunities include activating floating mines that cause landslides to throw rocks on circuits and deploying missile launchers scattered around the circuits. 

Personalisation options are aplenty but one upgrade comes at the expense of another.

Key Features

  • No speed limit.
  • Play the single-player campaign to unlock new parts, devices and skins.
  • Race locally against your friends with split-screen multiplayer for 2 players.
  • Race against everyone in online multiplayer.
  • Use environmental traps to catch up with your opponents.
  • Customize your device to outrun your opponents.
  • Soundtrack with 15 intense tracks that enhance your racing experience.

More information is available on Antigraviator's  official webpage and the game's subreddit .

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