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I, the Inquisitor is a new fantasy title from polish developer The Dust

Published: 12:38, 28 September 2020
The Dust
I, the Inquisitor keyart showing a man in dark hallway
I, the Inquisitor is a story-driven fantasy title

The Dust, polish video game developer have shared new details about their upcoming story-driven fantasy title named I, the Inqusitor. The devs talked more about the game's protagonist Mordimer and his role in the story.

It's been a while since polish developer The Dust talked about their upcoming title I, the Inquisitor, which is based on the popular Inquisitor Cycle book series by the famous Polish fantasy author Jacek Piekara.

Today, the devs finally decided to share more details about the game. They revealed new details about the main protagonist, his role in the story and a lot more. The main character will be Mordimer Madderdin, who will be well-known to readers of the series as the Inquisitor of His Excellency Bishop Hez-Hezron.

"Mordimer works for the holy official who is responsible for the new world order after Jesus Christ came down from the Cross and punished the unfaithful. However, Mordimer’s appearance remains a secret," the devs explained.

The Dust I, the Inquisitor screenshot  showing Spooky alley I, the Inquisitor - Spooky alley

The Dust also confirmed that they are still working on supporting the dialogues through a unique emotions system. However, the details about the plot have not been revealed but the good news is, the storyline was completed a few months ago. Currently, the devs are mainly working on developing dialogue.

The Dust I, the Inquisitor screenshot showing an alley in the morning I, the Inquisitor's graphics are looking sweet

Last but not least, we also got a couple of screenshots from the game, which reveal several atmospheric locations so it's safe to say that the team did a wonderful job when it comes to visuals. You can check them out above.

I, the Inquisitor still does not have a release date.

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