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Hyper Scape will arrive to PS4 and Xbox One this summer

Published: 06:44, 14 July 2020
Hyper Scape
Hyper Scape

Ubisoft's battle royale is currently in the open beta phase before the official launch on PC. Console players will have to wait a couple of months for a release since the publisher confirmed that the game will be coming this summer to PS4 and Xbox One.

Hyper Scape, your brand new free to play battle royale game, developed and published by Ubisoft is just around the corner and as you may know, the open beta test is currently underway on the PC platform.

Sadly, console players will not have the opportunity to participate in the open beta since Ubisoft confirmed that Hyper Scape will arrive to consoles after the official launch on PC. It should not take long, though, since the game will still launch this summer, according to the latest announcement.

"The game will be coming to PS4 and XB1 this summer. If you watch Twitch streams during PC Open Beta with the Twitch extension, you'll unlock the items in the Battle Pass. Unlocked rewards will be on your account when we launch console this summer," it is written on Hyper Scape Twitter. 

Twitter Hyper Space screenshot showing combat Hyper Scape by Ubisoft

As you can see, the specific release date is yet to be revealed and Ubisoft are still sticking to a release window but fear not, we doubt Ubisoft are going to delay the game on consoles since it is very solid on PC, it works and looks great and the only thing that Ubisoft could work on is class and weapon balancing.

You can download Hyper Scape for free on PC here.

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