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Hyper Scape servers are down on September 22, 2020, here is why and how long

Published: 14:29, 22 September 2020
Sliding into combat in Hyper Scape.
Cool people slide to victory.

Ubisoft announced that Hyper Scape servers would go down on Tuesday, September 22, 2020 in order to perform a maintenance and apply a patch.

Maintenance downtime for Hyper Scape kicked off at 1:00 PM UTC for all platforms and would last for an hour according to the initial announcement . It went smoothly for PC and PlayStation 4, where the players can now log in and play, but Xbox One players will have to wait a bit longer as the maintenance was extended.

Ubisoft didn't provide additional information on how long the additional downtime will last but they noted that they will update the players on the official Twitter.

The reason for the maintenance is to apply a small patch that would deal with sound optimisation among other things. Occurrences of dropped sound should be less frequent but the Magnet issue will still persist since the problems with this particular hack will be dealt with in the future.

More debug logs will be kept around in order to provide devs with more information that is critical to helping them investigate additional issues with online services but the players shouldn't see any difference as far as the actual gameplay and performance go.

Xbox One players reported a problem with crashing at launch which should be dealt with after this patch. It is highly likely this is the reason why XBO maintenance is taking longer than the other two platforms.

With that in mind, a little bit more time will be well worth the wait as one of the most annoying bugs will be gone.

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