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Humble Bundle removes the ability to freely choose charity cut

Published: 09:40, 24 April 2021
Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle may have been a fan favourite over the years but the recent moves gave the fans a pause, especially because now it seems like the charity part is getting pushed to the side.

Humble Bundle's biggest selling point over the years was the fact that the buyers could choose the amount of money that goes to charity. Furthermore, the buyers being given the choice of what to pay in total gave the site an endearing look.

As time passed, the offerings have become more strict and with the latest announcement, it seems like the store part of the site is taking charge while the charity portion is taking the backseat. 

According to Humble Bundle's most recent blog post, the buyers will no longer have the slider that would allow them to choose the split that goes to charity. Instead, the amount will be fixed to five per cent or 15 per cent, if you check a box.

This has caused community uproar due to the new splits, which will be:

  • Default without the toggle
    • 85 per cent to the publisher, 10 per cent to Humble Bundle, five per cent to charity
  • With the 15 per cent toggle
    • 80 per cent to the publisher, five per cent to Humble Bundle, 15 per cent to charity

HMB Humble Monthly Bundle Humble Monthly Bundle

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