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Scorn developers ready for a new chapter after lengthy silence

Published: 18:42, 27 December 2018
Ebb Software
Concept art for Scorn showing an interior of a dark building or ship

Ebb Software, the studio behind the upcoming first-person horror Scorn, have been silent for so long that fans started checking whether they're still in business. It turns out they've been polishing their pipeline for the challenges ahead.

The team wrote that they've been so busy, they probably missed a few "yo dudes, you alive?" enquiries. If you've been one of these, consider yourself answered. Onto the good stuff then.

Ebb Software may have been quiet but they weren't slacking off, quite the contrary, as they claim they've been expanding their pipeline to accommodate for anything Scorn may throw at it. "We spent months to adapt our plans and our pipelines to match the new scope of the game and make the game an even better experience", they wrote.

According to the statement, the team are aware that they'll soon have to be shifting more focus to what used to be Part 2 before they settled on releasing it in one go, which meant they needed more hands on deck. Ebb Software's team has now grown to more than 30 people, so you can bet they're alive and well. 

That being said, Ebb Software's road to Scorn's launch has been quite a bumpy one and their precarious Kickstarter campaign surely didn't help. Thankfully, the dev found a benefactor who is as passionate about the game as they are.

It seems that their prolonged financial difficulties brushed off on the development schedule as well and Scorn's launch, initially slated for October 2018, was delayed to 2019. "It will enable us to develop a better game. The upside is that you won’t be left waiting on a cliffhanger for part 2", the dev wrote.

Ebb Software Picture of a weird thing that looks like a sarcophagus in Scorn Scorn

As for the game itself, Scorn draws heavily from the likes of H. R. Giger so there's plenty of gory robotics and organics to go around. The context, however, is likely to remain a mystery even after launch, because Ebb Software insisted on keeping the in-game world as mysterious as possible. 

You can find the announcement , along with some concept art.

Gallery of screenshots and concept art for Scorn by Ebb Software

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM

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