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Humble Bundle is reverting to the old subscription plan

Published: 21:12, 12 January 2022
Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle has had a series of controversial changes but some are getting reverted as the subscription model is objectively getting better.

Humble Bundle was initially a beloved place where one could buy games at bargain prices while also donating money to charity but it's hard to tell whether such a balance could be viable long term. 

Eventually, several changes and ideas happened with some of them pushing the community away, such as the one where customers no longer could use the slider to decide how much goes to charity and how much goes to the site. More importantly to the topic of the subscription, Humble Choice would sometimes obscure which games you've already acquired so picking from a refreshed selection could result in duplicats.

That will no longer happen as Humble Choice is basically getting a rollback. From February 1, 2022, there will be only one subscription tier and it will grant all the games that are listed . The subscription fee will be $12 a month, which may vary depending on your region.

On top of that, Humble is introducing the Humble Trove, which is a model similar to other subscription services we've already seen. There is a curated selection of games that can be played as long as you are subscribed to Choice.

Initially, there roster of the games in the Trove will be lead by:

  1. Forager
  2. Wizard of Legend
  3. Dodgeball Academia
  4. Unsighted
  5. Void Bastards

Pocket Trap Dodgeball Academia Dodgeball Academia

More games will be added as time goes by so keep an eye out for anything that might pique your interest within the Trove.

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