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Temtem, a PS5 timed-exclusive is entering Early Access this Tuesday

Published: 15:50, 03 December 2020
Humble Games
Screenshot from a PlayStation 5 console-exclusive game Temtem

A Pokémon-inspired massive multiplayer creature collecting game is entering Early Access on PlayStation 5 this Tuesday, so check out some of the beginner tips to become a top tier Tamer.

Temtem is a massively multiplayer creature collecting game where you’ll discover masses of friends, foes, and of course, Temtem to find and train. You’ll uncover a remarkable story playing solo or alongside friends, trading, taming, and battling through the Airborne Archipelago.

Temtem's gameplay is largely inspired by the Pokémon series. Players explore the area capturing Temtem creatures and command them in battles against other Temtems that are controlled by an NPC or another player.

Temtem is coming to Early access this Tuesday on PlayStation 5, as a timed console-exclusive, and it's also available for PC (Steam).

At the beginning of the game, you'll have to choose which Temtem will be your starting companion.

Choose from three unique Temtem:

  • Crystle: A cute but tough defensive tem, with devastating hard-hitting attacks like Crystal Spikes.
  • Smazee: This tem’s adorable fluffy exterior hides speedy attack power in the form of vicious moves such as Uppercut, that will K.O unprepared opponents. 
  • Houchic: Ideal as the first mental-type tem for tamers, their mentalism and intuition serve to provide powerful psychic attacks like Beta Burst that will leave opponents in a bind.

Humble Games Temtem VS mode Capture Temtem creatures and battle versus other players in a timed PS5 exclusive Temtem

Exploring the World of Temtem: Here are some tips to follow as you navigate the islands within Temtem:

  • Stock up on Smoke Bombs - These handy items allow you to whisk your party back to the nearest Temporium, giving you a nice easy escape to heal, rest, and relax, before setting out on your next adventure.
  • Take your time when exploring -. Strings of battles will soon wear down your party, so go slow, and keep your tems in healthy condition, ready for anything.
  • Areas and islands tend to have dedicated types of Temtem and secrets to discover - ensure you travel widely to discover as many different tems as you can. There are 12 types of tems; can you tame one of each? 
  • Keep your Tempedia handy; it’s what you’ll use to catalog all the tems you’ve seen and caught, along with their stats, techniques, and more.

Temtem is developed by Crema, a Spanish game development studio, and it's published by Humble Games


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