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Guts Department to show off Aegis Defenders at Gamescom

Published: 20:10, 07 August 2017
Updated: 19:39, 05 August 2018
GUTS Department
Aegis Defenders

Aegis Defenders is a fresh title to be published under the Presented by Humble Bundle banner. The game is a 16-bit Metroidvania and a debut effort by Guts Department. Aegis Defenders will be out for Windows PC and Mac later this year.

"Presented by Humble Bundle" we talked about , will show off a new game during this year's Gamescom and PAX West. Aegis Defenders started out as a student project at the University of Southern California and slowly developed into a full blown production that enjoys support from several game industry veterans such as Kristen Kho (PopCap Games), Max Palazzo (Syndicate Atomic, Activision-Blizzard) and Mike Effenberger (Syndicate Atomic, Disney Interactive).

Aegis Defenders is a 16-bit styled action-platformer for Windows PC and Mac that will be out later this year. It is the latest game to be published through the multi-platform funding and creative initiative "Presented by Humble Bundle".

Presented by Humble Bundle Presented by Humble Bundle Presented by Humble Bundle

Aegis Defenders borrows tower defense combat elements, and combines them with the look, feel and scale of 16-bit era titles like Super Metroid. "I first played Aegis Defenders on a rooftop party I was co-organizing years ago at The MIX @ E3. The unique gameplay and gorgeous character art inspired by Japan won me over instantly," said John Polson, Humble Bundle publishing lead. 

Bryce Kho, Aegis Defenders’ Creative Director had this to say: "Humble Bundle are among our biggest fans, showing care for the game and making sure our story could be told just how we wanted. We’re looking forward to introducing the world to Bart and Clu later this year!"

GUTS Department Aegis Defenders Aegis Defenders

According to the press release, the game's story goes something like this:

"In a world where control over lost technologies equals power, you play as Ruinhunters Bart and his granddaughter Clu to explore ancient ruins and uncover the one thing that can save their world from the ruthless Empire: a legendary weapon known as Aegis.​ Bart, a machinist, specializes in building structures. Clu, on the other hand, is a skilled hunter and trapsmith. Together the two must wage war against corrupt beasts and the Empire to save the world, one realm at a time."

More info can be found right through .

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