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How to get Lifeline's Heirloom in Apex Legends Halloween Event

Published: 11:10, 08 October 2019
artwork showing Lifeline and her Heirloom
Apex Legends - Lifeline's Heirloom

Respawn officially revealed Apex Legends' Halloween event Fight or Fright and all the new items you can earn. Lifeline's Heirloom set is one of these items and here's how you can get it.

Earlier today, Respawn Entertainment and EA officially revealed Fight or Fright Halloween event for Apex Legends. The new event is scheduled to arrive later this month and it's set to introduce a fresh batch of content including new game modes, new legendary weapons and other skins.

Furthermore, one of the biggest additions is a new Heirloom set for Apex Legend's medic Lifeline. Unfortunately, Respawn are yet to officially reveal what the Heirloom looks like but it's a pair of taser drumsticks according to data miners.

The good news is that the devs revealed how can you earn the new legendary item. You'll be happy to hear that Lifeline's Heirloom is the easiest to acquire when compared to the first two Heirlooms. Of course, this doesn't mean that getting this Heirloom will be a piece of cake.

Like previous Heirlooms, you can get Lifeline's randomly from Apex Packs but during the limited-time Halloween event, you will be able to earn the drumsticks if you unlock all 24 event items - 12 legendary and 12 epic rarity items.

You can unlock these items via direct purchase, by crafting or in the Fight or Fright's limited-time event Apex Packs. The direct purchase route is obviously the fastest one but it's going to be quite pricey and the same goes for crafting route in case you don't have the Crafting Metals from Apex Packs.

The less expensive path is through the event Apex Packs but you'll have to spend at least 16,800 Apex Coins, which is about $160 USD. 

Direct Purchase

  • Legendaries - 1,800 Apex CoinsEpics - 1,000 Apex Coins


  • Legendaries - 2,400 Crafting MetalsEpics - 800 Crafting Metals

Event Apex Packs

  • 700 Apex Coins 

Respawn Entertainment Picture of Lifeline from Apex Legends healing some dude Apex Legends - Lifeline

Of course, we're not saying that you should spend this amount of money on an in-game skin, as these are very, very expensive items and cost more than three games. However, it's your hard-earned cash and if you want the Heirloom so bad, then these are the options to get it.

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