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How the new Marketplace changes work in Albion Online

Published: 06:17, 09 December 2021
Sandbox Interactive
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Albion Online is getting a bit of a reputation for the quality of life changes and improvements it's making to the game. The Lands Awakened update is no different.

The Lands Awakened update launched November 24, ushering in a new era of open-world gameplay in Albion Online. Along with sweeping changes to biome graphics and layouts, dungeons, mobs, open-world objectives, and Guild Seasons, the update brought some major quality-of-life improvements to a wide variety of in-game activities. In the latest Dev Talk, UI Designer Moritz Bokelmann discusses some of the biggest improvements to UI and usability that arrived with this latest update. 

Loadouts were introduced with the Call to Arms update as a major quality-of-life improvement, and this feature has now been expanded to include the option to directly purchase full Loadouts from the Marketplace. How it works:

  • New tab added to Marketplace UI to allow the purchase of Loadouts,
  • Allows users to designate which Loadout to look for, and what quantity,
  • The marketplace then searches all local Sell Orders for the items, using parameters set in Loadout creation,
  • Can purchase alternatives if one or more items are unavailable.

Sandbox Interactive Albion Online official mobile release Lands Awakened is Albion Online's biggest update since the mobile launch

Once the search is completed, the Marketplace shows a summary of available items and alternatives. These are the details: 

  • Shows prices of available items,
  • Compares each item to the market average,
  • Each entry can be toggled to buy or skip,
  • Does not reserve the items, so they may be purchased by others.
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