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Horizon: Zero Dawn and Aloy hit yet another sales milestone

Published: 10:39, 09 August 2018
Guerilla Games
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Horizon: Zero Dawn

Even though Aloy's in-house colleague Kratos seems to have been taking most of the plaudits for Sony's exclusives as of late, it doesn't mean Horizon: Zero Dawn has stopped selling well, racking up 5 million retail copies sold so far.

During the week ending with 23 June 2018, Horizon: Zero Dawn sold 20,251 units, which is pretty good for a singleplayer game that launched in February 2017. Apparently, it has taken the game 69 weeks to reach its target of 5 million retail copies sold, or 5,012,112 units to be exact.

Interestingly, Horizon: Zero Dawn sold much better in Europe than overseas, with the Old Lady accounting for 44 per cent or 2.2 million units. North America only managed 35 per cent or 1.76 million while Japan saw sales of 0.26 million, which is 5 per cent.

Of course, we're only talking about retail copies here, meaning no digital sales of the game were accounted for. On the day of Horizon: Zero Dawn launch anniversary, Guerilla games announced that the game has managed to copies, 2.86 million of which was estimated to have been digital sales.

This means that Horizon: Zero Dawn sold more than 250,000 physical copies from February 2018 to July 2018. This isn't quite the tempo that earned it the makeshift title of Sony's "best selling new first-party franchise launch" but then again - singleplayer titles aren't really hot property once played through once.

Overall it seems like Aloy is still some way off of the 10 million mark, unless of course digital sales have been rocking like there's no tomorrow. Although possible, I'd say it's still highly unlikely. Besides, Sony would've pierced our eardrums with that piece of info several times over by now.

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When it comes to camp Sony though, exclusives have really done well for them in these past few years. Admittedly, both Horizon: Zero Dawn and God of War are games that have driven many a . This is in sharp contrast to Microsoft's growth, which has mostly been . You do the math.

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