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Horizon Zero Dawn PC patch coming soon, Guerrilla still working on launch issues

Published: 11:05, 13 August 2020
Guerilla Games
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Horizon: Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn developers Guerrilla Games are still working hard on a patch for the PC version of the game, which launched earlier this month. The patch that should fix most of the launch issues is coming soon, they confirmed.

Guerrilla Games are well aware of the issues that have been plaguing Horizon Zero Dawn PC port ever since the game officially arrived to Steam and Epic Games Store last week. "We're aware that some players have been experiencing crashes and other issues, which we are actively investigating" they wrote on Twitter after launch.

However, PC players are still waiting for a patch with fixes for all these issues but Guerrilla have once again reiterated that they are working hard to address the problems and that they will share an update regarding this very soon.

"We're still working hard to address the issues with Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition for PC that have affected some of you since launch," they tweeted last night. "We'll update you as soon as we can share more information - thanks again for your continued patience and understanding!"

Sadly, there is still no ETA on the patch but at least we know that the devs are currently working on these problems instead of simply ignoring dozens of posts on Reddit and Steam. 

Horizon Zero Dawn

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Horizon Zero Dawn

Hopefully, we'll hear more from Guerrilla Games soon and eventually get a patch that will fix these annoying gremlins so everyone can properly enjoy Aloy's adventure. 

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