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Hitman Episode 2: Sapienza is free for a short while

Published: 10:49, 23 March 2018
IO Interactive
Agent 47 is sitting in a chair with his suppressed AMT Hardballer.

Hitman's content was released as seven separate episodes and Episode 2: Sapienza is one of the most popular among fans. IO Interactive have put it up for grabs via Hitman Spring Pack on Steam. It is available until 3 April 2018.

This episode sees Agent 47 going to a small Italian seaside town of Sapienza. During the episode you will be able to taste the fine wine and enjoy your vacation... nah just kidding, you're here to murder people, including one of ICA's previous customers, whose order was carried out by 47 himself.

Hitman Spring Pack will unlock ICA Facility Location which includes 2 story missions, 2 escalation contracts, over 40 challenges and 17 achievements. Sapienza Location will include World of Tomorrow story mission, 12 escalation contracts, 20 levels of Sapienza Mastery as well as 6 weapon unlocks, over 120 challenges, 7 achievements, Master Sniper Challenge Pack which rewards a Jaeger 7 sniper rifle, Plumbers Apprentice Challenge Pack that awards Claw Hammer melee weapon, Professional difficulty for Sapienza and future re-activated elusive targets in Sapienza.

IO Interactive Agent 47 is looking at the town of Sapienza, not being suspicious with a suppressed gun drawn out. Hitman

However, the Hitman Spring Pack does not include any of the missions or content from the Bonus Episode. Elusive targets are time limited events and one of them will be The Guru who will be present in Sapienza for 10 days, starting on 23 March 2018. The Black Hat has also been revived for another run as an elusive target last weekend but if you missed him, you may want to be on the lookout for The Guru.

Do note that you do not need to purchase any other Hitman episodes in order to play the episode, you can literally add just the Hitman Spring Pack to your Steam library for free and play the unlocked content. ICA Facility will serve as a prequel and any progress you make in the free content will be carried over to the main game if you decide to purchase it afterwards.

IO Interactive Agent 47 is in the mountains, wearing a puff jacket to keep himself warm. Hitman - Agent 47 prologue is also free to play

Meanwhile, IO Interactive have confirmed they are working on a Hitman game.

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