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Hitman 2's July roadmap is all about taking care of musicians

Published: 08:23, 04 July 2019
Warner Bros
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Hitman 2

IO Interactive have shared full July roadmap for their stealth shooter Hitman 2. In July, assassins will take care of musicians and bands and get new Challenge Packs, Featured and Escalation Contracts, a Legacy Elusive Target and more.

IO Interactive's stealth shooter Hitman 2 is set to receive another batch of free and fresh content in July 2019 update, named Jungle Music. Starting today - 04 July 2019 and running through the entire month, the new content includes Challenge Packs, Featured Contracts, a Legacy Elusive Target, Escalation Contracts and more.

Your first mission will be in the Babayeva Dissonance on Isle of Sgail where you'll have to stop the music and take care of the musicians. This particular Escalation has three stages and each one requires different skill sets - from precision shooting to explosives.

On 11 July 2019, a brand new Challenge Pack will be dropping. Named I'm with the Band, it allows you to join the famous Santa Fortuna band. There are a total of five new band-related challenges and once you complete them and earn the unlock, you'll get your very own Violin.

Featured Contracts are coming on 18 July 2019. The theme for this month's contracts is Tone Death so if you have cool ideas, make sure to submit them to Hitman forum before 15 July 2019.

The Badboy is back as a Legacy Elusive Target once again. He's in Sapienza from 19 July 2019 and will be there for 10 days so make sure to take care of him before that. Of course, you'll need Legacy Pack to play this mission.

New Escalation Contract named The Calvino Cacophony arrives on 25 July 2019 and you'll get to blow stuff up in a dangerous and explosive game. Completing the Escalation brings a cool reward - Hot Summer Suit.

Warner Bros Agent 47, Hitman 2's protagonist sniping from a balcony Hitman 2

And finally, on 30 July 2019, a new Sniper Assassin map named The Prison arrives to all expansion pass owners. It's a cold and snowy map set in Siberia and getting full mastery in this level will earn you the Druzhina 34 ICA Arctic to use in all sandbox locations in the game.

Take a closer look at all the content in the .

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