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It's official, Hitman 2 and Agent 47 are coming back in November

Published: 19:44, 07 June 2018
Warner Bros
Agent 47 in green military clothes from the game Hitman 2
Hitman 2

Warner Bros delivered on their promise of a Hitman reveal and we now know that Hitman 2 officially launches on 13 November 2018 and while IO Interactive have plans for post-launch content, the game will not be episodic like its predecessor.

Let's face it, that was and is one of the main concerns for fans of Agent 47, who're sick and tired of having their wallets episodically milked. In fact, the trailer's YouTube comments are filled with players warning IO Interactive and Warner Bros that if Hitman 2 ends up episodic, they're out.

Anyway, Hitman 2 is coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and judging from the trailer, IO Interactive will be taking us to at least two locations, first of which is a Miami race track from the trailer. Hopefully, the jolly atmosphere won't distract you from your inhumane task. The second location is mentioned on the game's Steam page simply as "dangerous rainforests".

Preordering grants access to a standalone game Sniper Assassin, which you can play in singleplayer or co-op multiplayer mode. If you opt for the quite pricey Gold or Collector's Editions, you'll get Hitman 2 four days before the rest of the peasantry.

Hitman 2 promises its trademark recipe of stealth and lots of dead bodies in your wake, only at a scale much grander than what you could've seen so far. As you can see, he's already off to a spectacular enough start, by wrecking a Formula One driver.

We're pretty glad to see Hitman 2 back among the living, seeing as how the franchise has had some quite turbulent times. IO Interactive has racked up quite the list of publishers for Hitman over the years, including Eidos, Square Enix and the latest Warner Bros.

Warner Bros Bald man in black clothes from Warner Bros' game Hitman 2 Hitman 2

Sean Bean hints at big bucks spent this time around, so perhaps it's time to get ready for Hitman 2 the way it's meant to be played. Also, not that this Hitman 2 has nothing to do with the 2002 title bearing the same name. And thank Sean Bean for that.

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