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Healing will get nerfed in the League of Legends 2021 preseason

Published: 13:28, 08 August 2020
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League of Legends champion Soraka splash art
Are healers to strong at the moment?

The upcoming League of Legends 2021 preseason will bring many changes, especially to the in-game items. Riot recently revealed that they are going to reduce all the unnecessary healing in the game, as well as buff the Grievous Wounds effect.

As always, the preseason is the time when we see the most change in League of Legends. The previous preseason brought many new features such as the Dragon system overall with the four Elemental Rifts.

With all the item adjustments that Riot Games already announced , we could have a complete overhaul in the following 2021 preseason which will hit the rift in two to three months.

Healing is probably one of the strongest assets a champion can have, especially in the last couple of years. Champions like Yuumi, whose kit is primarily focused on healing and shielding other champions, are pretty hard to balance and that's why she had to go through a mini-rework.

There was even a "Delete Yuumi" movement where many casual and professional players voiced their opinions about this troublesome cat, claiming that she offered no counterplay.

In their article, Riot addressed the fact that healing has become so common that healing reduction effects like Grevious Wounds became a must for most team compositions.

Riot Games Picture of Lunar Wraith Sylas in League of Legends This could cause Sylas players to change their playstyle

Further on, they announced that they are looking into runes, champions, and items in order to nerf all the unnecessary healing. This will naturally result in fewer games where you have to rush Grievous Wounds item.

The GV effect seems a bit underpowered when playing against a fed and naturally strong healers like Yuumi or Sylas. We weren't given the exact numbers yet but the balance team stated that they have plans to tune up the debuff that this effect brings to the game, making it more reliable and efficient in extreme situations.

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