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Halo TV show trailer disappoints with main characters, hypes up with everything else

Published: 01:10, 31 January 2022
Halo TV series - Cortana
Halo TV series - Cortana

Live-action adaptations are tricky when you have decades-spanning iconic characters in a video game and the Halo TV show is not immune to those risks. It does look pretty good overall though.

Halo TV series is just under two months from the release date, which has been set for March 24, 2022. The information came with the second official trailer but the release date was not the only highlight.

The video showed some of the setting as well as action shots that looked fantastic, which will probably translate into a strong TV show but unfortunately, it also unveiled some of the shortcomings.

First, there is the voice of Master Chief. Pablo Schreiber had extremely big boots to fill because Steve Downes continuously knocked it out of the park for two decades straight. The voice we hear in the trailer is unfortunately not up to par but here is hoping we get used to it eventually. Those who watched Schreiber's other roles, such as Tanto in 13 Hours, will know he was ultimately a good cast due to his ability to deliver powerful and frankly - badass moments.

Master Chief's voice is followed by something that caught Halo fans' eyes immediately and chances are, yours as well, because it's right in the header image of this article. For some reason, Cortana isn't blue.

After the showrunners secured Jen Taylor, the literal likeness and voice of Cortana, one would think the series had a slam dunk on that role. Whatever the reason is for not having a proper filter for everyone's favourite AI, it's not impossible to fix but it remains to be seen if the fans' disappointment will be addressed before the launch.

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