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Halo MCC: Season 4 bringing unreleased Halo: Reach armour and helmet

Published: 08:59, 01 October 2020
Halo: MCC's unreleased chest piece from Halo: Reach
Halo: MCC, unreleased chest piece coming to Halo: Reach

In their latest blog post, 343 Industries detailed what's coming to Halo: The Master Chief Collection, starting with a never-before-released armour and helmet for Halo: Reach.

According to the post, there's a bunch of content and features coming in Season 4. The first piece is a helmet, and we're talking about a "long-lost" unreleased Halo: Reach helmet that the community members are likely to know about. 

"Players can expect to see a few long-lost pieces return for Halo: Reach when Season 4 comes online. The "GRD" helmet is the one that most people have requested, but there were other pieces like another helmet and an additional chest piece that we're able to basically unearth, finish, and polish-up to get in for a future update and seasons. We really think players are going to enjoy these future pieces", design director Max Szlagor said.

In addition to working on brand new content and features, Szlagor said they're looking at unfinished things in order to bring them into the fold. Armour effects are coming back for Elites, as well as new combinations of chest pieces paired with the prosthetic arm. 

Halo: Reach dev team are taking customisation even further, so players will be able to take the new unique pieces and mix-and-match them with the existing ones. 

Microsoft Halo: MCC's unreleased Halo: Reach helmet Halo: The Master Chief Collection, long-lost unreleased Halo: Reach helmet

"Basically, we’ll be bringing MCC to parity with legacy Halo: Reach customization and then pushing it a bit further. One of our goals is to bring parity to areas that we were not on par with Legacy and then expanding or improving on that", he said.

Of course, there's a lot more coming to MCC, like input-based matchmaking and cross-play, and possibly regional server selection. 

You can learn more in 343's blog post here .

Halo: Reach, screenshots from the Master Chief Collection

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