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Halo Infinite dev 343 Industries are working on a second project

Published: 16:53, 20 November 2021
343 Industries logo
343 Industries logo

343 Industries have a second project in the works that is currently under the veil of mystery.

343 Industries are the biggest Xbox Game Studios in terms of employees but also the budget that they receive from Microsoft for their games. 

Halo studio is currently on the brink of releasing Halo Infinite, a Halo title for the next ten years after many ups and downs during the long development of this game. 

According to the listing on LinkedIn, 343 Industries currently have over 550 employees which is a pretty big number. And since Halo Infinite is the game for the next ten years, you may wonder if 343 Industries plan to work on something different since it's hard to expect that all over 500 devs would be busy working on post-launch updates and content. 

There is no official confirmation that 343 Industries are indeed working on something different than Halo Infinite but Xbox insider Jez Corden claims that there is a second project at 343. 

In Xbox Two podcast with Rand al Thor 19, Jez said the following:

"Yeah, they [343 Industries] are working on another project that isn't Halo Infinite. I know that much."

Jez also seems to hint that this project is something Halo related. You can check out the video below at 3:15:10 for more context.

As always with leaks, rumours and insider info, we suggest you take this with a grain of salt just like any unofficial info.

Jez is one of the most reliable Xbox insiders, though, so it would not surprise us if 343 indeed have another Halo project in the works. 

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