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Halo Infinite co-op: Everything you need to know

Published: 09:11, 01 July 2022
Halo Infinite - Co-op screenshot
Halo Infinite - Co-op screenshot

Campaign co-op for up to four players is on its way to Halo Infinite very soon. Here's what you need to know about this long-awaited feature. 

After a long wait, Halo Infinite campaign co-op mode is almost here. This highly-anticipated feature is set to arrive later this month and if you're one of Halo Infinite players that are looking forward to playing the campaign with your buddies, here are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding the co-op. 

How many players does Halo Infinite campaign co-op support?

Four. You and your three buddies can team up and play as four Master Chiefs to create some proper mayhem among the Banished and their outposts.

Halo Infinite campaign co-op flight date

Halo Infinite campaign co-op will It's currently scheduled to enter beta on July 11, 2022.

343 Halo Infinite - Co-op Halo Infinite - Co-op

How does Halo Infinite co-op save system work?

Halo Infinite's co-op won't require you to have an isolated co-op save. You can use it if you want but players are given an option to have co-op progress count toward your main playthrough If that's how they want to play. 

Also, 343 say they wanted everyone’s progress to count toward their own saves, regardless of who the Fireteam leader is.  This meant that all progress made in the game ( mission progress, acquired collectables, equipment found, achievements earned, and upgrades made), regardless of it being through Solo or Co-Op play, would be retained.

Will Halo Infinite campaign co-op support cross-play?

Yes, cross-play is supported across all platforms. The only difference is in graphics quality and frame rate, which is something that applies equally to single-player anyway. 

Any combination of PCs and Xboxes up to 4 players are supported, as is playing over Xbox Cloud Gaming. All Co-Op games are hosted on dedicated servers.

343 Halo Infinite - Co-op in action Halo Infinite co-op beta can sometimes fail to start due to Missing Executable error

How far apart can you get from your co-op partners on the map?

Halo Infinite co-op will have something called Area of Operations which will have two values: an inner "warning radius" which activates when players are 800 feet apart and outer "kill radius" which is 1000 feet. 

So, this means you can pretty much hit a really big objective like the Banished dig site. The AOO will definitely allow you to tackle an objective of that size from opposite sides with room to spare. 

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