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GW2: End of Dragons elite spec for Warriors grants them a new weapon

Published: 00:36, 16 September 2021
Guild Wars 2 - Bladesworn Warrior
Guild Wars 2 - Bladesworn Warrior

ArenaNet is going to host another GW2 elite spec preview event soon and teasers for the content keep on coming. This time, it was the warriors' turn.

Warriors have always been highly popular in Guild Wars games and it appears that End of Dragons might just add to that. Their new elite specialisation, the Bladesworn, will see them wielding a weapon available only to them.

Technically, it's not a permanent weapon, not an item you can equip. It is more along the lines of Holosmith or Reaper class abilities where you temporarily equip something much more powerful.

With the Bladesworn, this will take the form of a gunsaber which is a fusion of a firearm and a longsword. When you pop it, the weapon will offer pretty explosive slashes and should the situation allow - a powerful charged dash.

It remains to be seen whether the gunsaber will rely on Power or conditions to dish out the most potential damage but if the hints in the trailer aren't misleading, it will be the latter. This is because the video shows the warrior during the gunsaber cooldown and she uses a sword in the main hand with pistol in the off-hand.

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