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GW 2 players with Eternity will be disadvantaged in Legendary Armoury

Published: 23:29, 08 July 2021
Guild Wars 2 - Eternity
Guild Wars 2 - Eternity

One of the most anticipated features in Guild Wars 2 comes at a bitter price for the veterans who farmed diligently in the past.

Legendary Armoury is the system that is going to help countless players with Legendary management it's going to be a welcome addition to Guild Wars 2 overall. However, some veteran players will see it as bittersweet due to the fact they will have two Legendary weapons less unless they bind once again the things they did in the past.

The two Legendaries in question are Sunrise and Twilight, the components of Eternity, which is made by sacrificing the other two swords. When the Armoury gets added, getting any of the two component greatswords will let players keep them around forever, for any character they want. If you already got Eternity through sacrificing the other two though,  you will not have them unlocked in the new hub.

This is an unfortunate turn of events but considering Eternity alternates between the appearances of the other two, it's possible it will ease the blow for those who farmed each greatsword up. 

Anyway, if you are close to completing your Eternity, you should wait up until July 13, 2021, and then do the process so you end up with three Legendary greatswords in your armoury instead of just one.

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