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Guns of Icarus Alliance now on Steam

Published: 14:11, 03 April 2017
Updated: 14:37, 03 April 2017
Muse Games
Guns of Icarus Alliance

Guns of Icarus Alliance devloped by Muse Games is available on Steam. The game couples coop and PvP mechanics previously available in Guns of Icarus Online.

Guns of Icarus Online was released in 2012. The game featured multiplayer steampunky airship combat and was a sequel to Guns of Icarus or Flight of the Icarus. 

Flight of the Icarus was developed by an indie company called Muse Games. There, you had to both fire the turrets at the enemy ships and repair your own ship on the fly. Hehe, I'll see myself out.

Guns of Icarus Online Guns of Icarus Online

When Guns of Icarus Online came out, it was a PvP airship combat game, which allowed for you and your friends to crew the same ship. Now, the game has been coupled with Guns of Icarus Alliance. The new Alliance game features both coop and PvP options.

Developers Muse Games said:

“Feel the pressure of sneaking past ships in Infiltration mode or the exhilaration of surviving a horde wave in Search & Destroy. Across 36,000 square meters of terrain, you and your crew will be pushed to your limit as you are forced to assault bases, chase convoys, and sometimes just plain endure. Each time you master a level of play the Icarus AI Director ramps up the tension giving you a new challenge.”

Muse Games Guns of Icarus Alliance Guns of Icarus Alliance

"Guns of Icarus Alliance is the complete PvE experience while maintaining all the PvP contents, including achievements, progression, cosmetics, and data from Guns of Icarus Online."

Guns of Icarus Online is no longer available for purchase on Steam, as it is a part of the Guns of Icarus Alliance now.

For the Guns of Icarus Online owners, you continue to be supported in the same way you have been up until now.

If I write "Icarus" one more time I'll start screaming like a little girl.

Guns of lalala Alliance is £13.49 on , and as a part of a special promotion it's ten percent off. That offer will stand until 07 April. Also, when you buy the Alliance, you'll receive a copy of the original game for free. 

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