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High octane 16-bit shooter Gun Rage arrives in a few months

Published: 11:48, 13 April 2018
Denis Galewski
Promotional image for Gun Rage showing the action hero with two guns while standing in flames.
Gun Rage

Gun Rage is a run 'n' gun game done in 16-bit style and it's developed and published by one man - Denis Galewski. The game is a fast paced side-scrolling shooter reminiscent of Contra's glory days, with big bosses and weapon upgrades.

Denis Galewski has been working on Gun Rage for three years and the labour of his love will see an official release on Steam during summer 2018, but the exact date was not specified. The game looks fairly simple and terrifyingly hardcore at the same time.

As Galewski stated, Gun Rage is heavily inspired by classic series such as Contra and Metal Slug. It is designed to pay homage to the greatest games of the genre. The trailer shows an unusually high amount of gore though, which wasn't the case in the mentioned, older titles. Then again, anyone who played them is an adult by now so this is likely an interpretation of the genre maturing in its own.

Denis Galewski Axel is shooting through waves of enemies in Gun Rage. Gun Rage features a lot of gore

Gun Rage will take place place in a dystopian future and players will be put in the shoes of Axel Gunn, who is a smuggler that gets robbed and nearly killed during one of his delivery missions. This prompts Axel to seek out vengeance and retrieve the stolen goods. His idea of a retrieval operation apparently includes obliterating anyone in his path and this in turn brings out the wrath of an unimaginable enemy - probably the leader of the monsters seen in the trailer and screenshots.

Gun Rage's rogue gallery will include armies of cyborg zombies, crazy cultists, giant mechanical enemies and huge abominations with heavy guns. The game will be challenging, in classic Contra fashion and will feature boss fights that have multiple phases of battle.

Denis Galewski Axel Gun n is fighting a huge abomination that is equipped with heavy guns. Gun Rage Huge abominations with heavy guns - Check

Speaking of battle, even though carnage will be omnipresent throughout the gameplay, it shouldn't feel too repetitive thanks to a massive arsenal Gun Rage will feature. Any guns that are picked up in the game will remain in the players inventory and they can be switched on the fly.

The game's graphics are highly retro and all of them are hand-drawn. Each level apparently has a distinctively unique art style and atmosphere that is underscored with dark synthwave tunes. A price tag hasn't been set yet, but it's expected arrive on Gun Rage's soon.

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