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Guild Wars 2 Wintersday event brings along a ton of new cosmetics

Published: 02:42, 16 December 2020
Guild Wars 2 - Jormag Rising meta
Guild Wars 2 - Jormag Rising meta

Festivities are kicking off in Tyria and the players can now get new weapon, cape, mount and more cosmetics by participating in activities or other means of purchasing the loot.

Wintersday 2020 has arrived in Tyria, bringing with it several new items in the Black Lion shop, which is probably not going to be the most popular topic with the players who are hoping to avoid microtransactions from time to time. 

Anyway, one of the cutest additions is the Plush Griffon skin, which you can see in action in the trailer below. Despite its indisputable cuteness, it's hard to imagine many people will set aside enough money to purchase 1,600 Gems which are necessary to get your flying mount a new look. Those who saved up a lot of Gold over time may give it a shot at the currency exchange though.

If you have been diligently picking up those level 10 story mission Black Lion Keys for the past year, you may be in luck since a whole new skin line is available for the weapons of Guild Wars 2. Shimmering Aurora weapons can now be purchased for one Black Lion Claim Ticket each and the price will definitely go up as the time passes. 

Unfortunately, if you are not keen on buying these skins on the Trading Post, the only way to get them is through the Scraps left behind by opening the loot boxes.

On the topic of Shimmering Aurora cosmetics, there is also the cape and glider skin that you can preview in the video below.

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