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Guild Wars 2 video offers first look at Echovald Fores

Published: 01:51, 11 November 2021
Guild Wars 2 - Echovald
Guild Wars 2 - Echovald

ArenaNet showed a few teasers for the highly anticipate area that will be available in Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons but a full reveal is coming soon.

Echovald Forest is an iconic region in the Guild Wars universe, partially because it's extremely captivating but also because it's the home to Kurzicks. These makeup enthusiasts took the lemons the consequences of Shiro's insanity gave them and made quite the lemonade out of the petrified trees but if that wasn't a big enough feat, they also managed to transform members of their houses into juggernauts through an odd and a bit disturbing ceremony.

These intricacies of Echovald Forest are but a tip of the iceberg and the reasons for fans getting pumped over the location are just piling on. It is for this reason that ArenaNet's teaser video was carefully examined by the fans, who will apparently wander into stone cathedrals for the first time when EoD rolls around. You can see something that looks like the inside of a Kurzick building at 0:24 in the video.

Another key component of the Cantha experience in the original Guild Wars were the Fungal Wallows and it appears they will have a pretty different appearance in the sequel, as seen at 0:19.

There are other interesting details to catch in the teaser as well but it may not be needed because ArenaNet will have a proper gameplay preview session of the area in just a few days. The stream will happen on Friday, November 12, 2021, at 12:00 PM (noon) PT / 8:00 PM BST / 9:00 PM CET.

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