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Guild Wars 2 update brings the weirdest Springer skin yet

Published: 20:41, 05 January 2021
Guild Wars 2 - Woodland Sprite Springer
Guild Wars 2 - Woodland Sprite Springer

ArenaNet updated Guild Wars 2 with the regular refresh of items related to the Gem Store and added some new cosmetics, such as the Woodland Sprite Springer skin.

Guild Wars 2's mounts are somewhat odd on their own as they usually look like the fusion of two different animals we are used to seeing in the real world. For example, the Springer has elements from both rabbits and kangaroos but while it's weird, its cosmetics kick things up a notch.

Up until now, it was the Mad Realm skin for Springers that took the cake for the most bizarre-looking one, which is quite on-brand for something themed after the Mad King and the associated celebrations.

ArenaNet probably beat the weirdness of that skin on January 5, 2021, when they released Woodland Sprite skin for the Springer which has some features that are more or less inexplicably disturbing. You can witness this odd creation on the image above.

Besides the weird marsupial-like skin for the jumpy mount, GW2 players should also be aware of the changes to other cosmetics-related items. Black Lion Chests will now contain a Draught of Mastery which will increase the player's mastery on the currently chosen track. Keep in mind the availability of the tracks also depends on your current location.

Furthermore, Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock has been updated with the latest additions so if you were waiting on these, now may be the time to use the unlocks.

ArenaNet Guild Wars 2 Bipedal and highly-intelligent cats are not the weirdest things you will find, or play, in Tyria

The update also added a Tempest Gaze helm skin which may sparkle a little too much for the safety of those around you.

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