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Guild Wars 2 unveils Harbinger, the new Necro elite spec

Published: 22:57, 11 August 2021
Guild Wars 2 - Harbinger
Guild Wars 2 - Harbinger

ArenaNet showed off another elite specialisation from the upcoming End of Dragons expansion, this time focusing on the gun-wielding Necromancers.

Necromancers are not particularly known for being tidy as their magic relies on unsavoury practices, like raising the dead. Harbingers went another step as their ways make them even less posh, courtesy of their tonics and whatnot.

Guild Wars 2's Engineers are no longer the only ones imbibing things to power up as Harbingers will be chugging their own elixirs in order to infect themselves with Blight.

Once it's activated, Harbingers are said to convert their own pain into power, possibly meaning this specialisation will do something with health sacrifice, a core mechanic of the Necromancers from the original Guild Wars.

Harbinger Shroud will also have its own abilities but it won't be until the full reveal that we will get to know what they do. Alternatively, you can just wait until August 17, 2021, and try the new elite spec for yourself.

The wording in the trailer, seen below, also suggests that Harbingers will rely on conditions to pump out damage so you might want to get those Viper sets ready ahead of time. Keep in mind that the condition references happened during the section talking about the pistol abilities so it's possible another spec might be required to bring the pain properly.

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